Why He never disappoints

In the past few years, I have identified an easier way to live life. In addition to lowering my expectations of the people that I love and those around me, I have learned to have realistic expectations of myself. This is because I have realized that I have an enormous capability to disappoint myself. Some of the things that I have done in my life have been so regretful. The memories have haunted me for a long time. I have wondered what must have been going through my mind as I did what right now I cringe when I remember. But the memories stay. With time though, they have become dimmer. As I have prayed, He has enlightened me. The thoughts of Him have set my heart aglow. My feeble and broken heart has attempted to wrap around what He has let me know about Himself. I always remember that He has answered my prayers and I am living in an answered prayer right now. This season of my life, I feel positioned. He has let me in on a secret. I heard it also from a lady evangelist whose songs I like to listen. He let me know that if I ever wanted anything, I should ask Him. I should ask others what they want and present those needs to Him also. He will be listening and He will answer. He let me know that He will never disappoint. He further explained why He would never disappoint. It blew my mind. It is His idea, He said. From Him, comes real Hope and Faith. He gives desires that He plans to fulfill. In this season, as I abide in Him, I should ask and ask again. He cannot fail Himself. As long as I drink from the Source and see through the real Light, I can ask for whatever. It will be Him asking me to ask. Then He will do what He wants. It shall come to pass as it is written, The Lord has done what is pleasing to Him, and it is lovely in our eyes. He cannot fail Himself. Hence I am assured. No disappointments with My Lord. He is the Real.

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