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My experience living in Nairobi has seen to it that I do not look forward to rain in the evening when going home. Well, it’s the rainy season and if it does not pour in the morning it’s sure to rain at night or in the evening. It happened the other day that it rained so heavily on my way home. I was thoroughly rained on and I could not wait to get to the house. The next day was a working day. I got home and then the rain stopped. While almost going to bed I went to the balcony to check on my plants. Then something caught my eyes: The full moon lighting up the sky. The heavy rain clouds were clearing the way for lighter clouds and there was the moon. I was delighted. The stars were not there though. But the moon was making the difference in the sky that day. The clouds that bring rain are dark and furious. There is practically nothing delightful about the rain clouds on a given rainy day. At least not for me. Rain is a wonderful gift. But in life, it is not just the rain that we need. Even light. Especially Light. God is the Light of life. he gives meaning to everything. If we ask Him, you know, He could help and make something out of a mess and unfortunate decisions. That day it rained. And when the sky was done with that form of blessing, the moon showed up. If you were walking around in the rain somewhere in Nairobi in that dark rainy night, you must have thought that it was a terrible situation. What with the garbage and blocked sewers. Unending traffic jams and flooded roads.  I was not waiting for the moon. But I am glad that I looked up. It reminded me that everything comes to an end eventually. Seasons pass. The Light, the real Light always shows up.

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