Good things Happen



There is an interesting fact in¬†life. And it goes like, provision is there before you ask for it. The main reason that provision is there is so that you will ask for it. The primary concern of the Giver or Provider is the Seeker. The one who is asking and seeking. The provider is thinking about the Seeker and thus makes all the things that will be asked for available in advance. The provider is all knowing. Deep inside the heart of the Seeker are desires. Some so wild that even the Seeker is not sure whether they should ask for them. The seeker thinks that it is their darker instincts that pull them in that direction. There is also fantasy like desires that the seeker has in the day to day life. They could be called dreams. the seeker will always, if they are sensitive, realize when a dream is fulfilled. Something that they longed for becomes real and they are happy and overjoyed and continue to dream. In this cases, the Provider is glad. Now they are in harmony, both the Seeker and the Provider. Reason being that it is one of life’s fulfilling gifts. To ask and it is given. To long for and the same gets fulfilled. I once told a friend who was moving out her house to a cheaper house to live with her nieces that God was not finding her a house at that point when she really needed one. A house was there. Only for the asking. Everything is prearranged. That is why there are coincidences in life. We cannot explain sometimes how things just fit into each other. An action complements another one. Things work to fulfill the desire of the Seeker. Even if in most cases the Seeker would have no clue. But the Provider knows¬†everything. The seeker is always in His mind. So everything works for good. I now remember Him saying, that Great Provider, ” Seek and you shall find. Ask and it shall be given to you.”


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