All You need

My sister and I moved into this house during the last days of the year 2017. Since she was getting married sometimes in January, I inherited most of her stuff. One of the things that I got from her was a packet of dried beans. She loves preparing cereals for dinner and so she had bought a full and used about half of it. The remainder had stayed for so long and had become infested by weevils. We did not even want to put the packet inside the house so we put it on one of the balcony tops. Many weeks later, I checked the open packet. The weevils had gone. I took a few beans and put them in a container full of soil and poured a little water. A few days later, young tender shoots started appearing above the soil. I was delighted that day by the miracle of life. Out of dry, weevil infested beans I now have about six or seven flourishing bean plants. they look wonderful. I can’t wait for them to start flowering. Soon they will give me some green beans to make stew for dinner! I looked at those bean plants this evening and could not help wondering, what do I need to flourish in life? To be green and productive, what should I do? Maybe like the beans, life has beaten you down and predators have been all over you. Life sometimes has a way of getting even the strongest of us down. No matter what circumstance you ever find yourself in, just trust in the miracle of life. As long as there is life within you, all you need is a hint of water and an environment of soil to flourish. Amazingly, the soil is always around us. Some even call it dirt. You can’t miss it if you look around. Then, a hint of water will be enough. There is only One who is the giver of life. Good news is that He wants you to flourish. At this point, you should rest when you get to understand that. And then begin to flourish. See below picture of the flourishing bean plant and take heart. The God of life is One.

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