A case of sheer logic and enthusiasm

Have you ever wondered what is the cause of everything? what causes things or people to do the things that they do? How did anyone know what to do or when to do it? Google defines logic as reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. Students of mathematics will describe Logic is a method of reasoning that involves a series of statements, each of which must be true if the statement before it is true. The key terms here are principles of validity and the statement before. You see, the acceptable things in day to day life are those that are logical to any of us. No one will agree to a task that beats their sense of logic. The reason people agree to do the things that they do or come up with better ways of doing those things is that they look reasonable to them. Which brings in the place of logic in the day to day life. A person's reasoning is based on a set of principles that they consider valid. something will look right in their eyes if and only if it is aligned with their principles in life. The last thing on my mind needs to be correct before I can do the right thing at work or elsewhere. This then means that there has to be a statement before anything is done. If the existing statement is correct or viable it follows then that the action done will be profitable and worth pursuing. It makes a lot of sense to make work easier and life more livable and fun. It is such a good idea to help out people in need and distress and alleviate poverty among a suffering nation. Some of the greatest ideas of our times and those that have really revolutionalized our way of life have simply stemmed from logic. The realization that a better way exists is a far greater way of looking at life. A thought that stems from a point of, "It is only right to do...", "It makes more sense to ...", has always led to a revolution. In most if not all cases, logic is backed by a strong sense of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is basically positive energy. Its almost like the backing, empowerment and excitement to do anything. Successful ventures are churned out by enthusiasm. The word itself implies inspiration by a higher power causing excessive zeal and eagerness to a task.  Enthusiasm is towards good. And so are thoughts stemming from logic. This is how to find your calling and purpose. What seems right for you to do in your right senses? Where can you trace your zeal? If you look carefully, you will realize that your zeal is for good. Take courage and do what needs to be done at that moment, for it is right to do so. See that you pour out your zeal for life in it. This is your calling.

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